Employment Agency

WORK4TECH is a sectoral employment agency operating in Poland and abroad. Knowledge and experience of the agency enables us to offer you solutions in accordance with your needs. We specialize in recruitment of employees for industry what shortens both the process of recruitment and employees’ adaptation at work.

WORK4TECH offers employee leasing, precise model of selecting employees and flexible time frames. Our recruiting and headhunting team with experience in the international working environment will be happy to answer all your questions. Our measure of success is balanced and smooth work process of our clients. Our innovatory is based on strict focus on the industrial market. Our experience and knowledge of the market is the warranty of successful realization of the recruitment processes. Considering global range of our clients’ businesses we offer our services in: China, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, the USA, Ukraine and Poland. Our motto is to reach consensus between the employer and employees.